My experience in C21

By. Charles


I didn't know how to speak English when I was in Korea.

If I want to get a good job, I have to learn English.

Most company need employees who can speak English very well.

That's why, I decided to study in the Philippines.

When I searched for an academy to enter , I found an institute which is C21.

I thought the advantage of studying abroad is we can speak foreign languages with foreigners.

C21 could me many chances to speak with foreigners.

The reason is that I could stay in a room with a teacher.


So I came to C21.

C21 has systematic classes and it has many activities.

First, classes are divided into reading, speaking, listening, man to man classes.

We can especially improve our English skill through man to man classes.

In addition, if we get a good grade in a test, we can level up.

It makes us proud of ourselves.


Second, we can join many activities.

One of the activities is the night activity.

Also, we can  exercise in sports activities every Friday.

Above all, English Enhancement Program is very useful to check and improve our level about English.

It is also held on Fridays.

When I took part in this activities, I had competition with other students.

It was so funny and exciting that I could think about my English skill.

It was a very important experience to me.

I was able to develop my self-confidence through this program.

When I came here, I have learned many things.

Actually, I didn't know how to speak English before.

But, now I can speak English far better than before.

Our school has one special policy. It is the  E.O.P (English Only Policy).

It was really useful. We have to use English all the times and everywhere.

My English skill was improved with the result of keeping this policy.

I'm satisfied with the school and living in the Philippines.

I appreciate everybody who helped me improve my English skills.

And I never forget these memorable experiences.