Hello my name is Lina. I've studied English in C21 for 4 months.

And I'm gonna leave the Philippines soon. Actually, I didn't expect to study english in the Philippines before

because someone who studied in the Philippines told me that the Philippines doesn't have a good environment.

So I was worried about that information. However, now, I think that's not true.

The Philippines has the same environment as our country. because we are unfamiliar with this country's culture and environment. 

Anyway, My English skills were really low when I got here, but my English skill has become very proficient nowadays.

I studied English in korea for 6 years before coming to the Philippines, but, during that time, English was not interesting for me.I didn't wanna fix my wrong grammar and anything about english

because I didn't know the reason why I should study english very hard.

But, I have change my mind after studying English  here. In fact, I came here to get a lot of abroad experiences.

The Teachers who taught me in C21 made me interested with English.

The most important thing is that I got confidence to speak English.

I was afraid of speaking english before I studied  here. but, one of the policies in C21 is "EOP" it means that we have to speak English wherever, whenever, whatever.

That is really good for me and for other students as well.

I can speak english confidently even though my grammar is not perfect or correct. I think, it's the most important thing about English. So, now i'm satisfied with my English skill.

Actually, my skill is not that very good yet, but, i'm satisfied with everything in C21. especially, I can have a lot of nice foreign friends and I got a prize. that's one of my good experiences.

Also, I joined one of the volunteer activities held in C21. So, I got the International volunteering certification.

Anyway, I think, everything that I experienced in C21 is good for my future.

Thank you for your concern.